Blockwell-QR Services

MetaMask is required for the token deployment.

Get Access To Blockwell-QR Services

Using this dapp you can purchase access to one of our servers where you can deploy a token contract and build your own Android app with just a few commands.

Here's how it works:

  • You'll send us a token payment and your SSH public key. How do I get an SSH public key?
  • We'll set you up with a user on one of our servers.
  • You'll connect using your SSH key, and a username based on your wallet address.

Connect to MetaMask to get started.

Manual Instructions

You can submit the transactions without MetaMask as well. You will need:

  • Some way to submit contract function transactions
  • Your SSH public key
  • An account with some ether and Building Block Tokens
  • PaymentRelay.abi

You will be calling two functions on two different contracts:

1. Approve tokens

Function name: approve
Contract: 0x056fd409e1d7a124bd7017459dfea2f387b6d5cd


  1. 0x5AEeeea02D323091eaaa13E4c480F2c31247e264
  2. 1 (raw value)
2. Pay

Function name: pay
Contract: 0x5AEeeea02D323091eaaa13E4c480F2c31247e264


  1. 0x056fd409e1d7a124bd7017459dfea2f387b6d5cd
  2. 1 (raw value)
  3. Your SSH public key

Logging in

After a few minutes, you can SSH into with the username based on your wallet address:

  1. Take the first 32 characters of your wallet address
  2. Convert it to lowercase
  3. Replace the 0x with bw

It should look something like this: bw76251cfb6eac3d3c45a5e10b903bd2

Here's a quick way to get the username on Linux/Mac terminal:

echo 0x76251cfB6eAc3d3C45A5e10b903bd24b0AE55931 | cut -c-32 | sed 's/0x/bw/' | tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'